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Offering replacement services is our sole purpose. That’s why we devote more energy than anyone else can to the task at hand.

If you don’t know about us yet it may be because we’ve been a very well-kept secret so far. Some pharmacy owners prefer keeping our services to themselves. Well now it’s time to let you in on their secret to success.

We’ve been making a name for ourselves in replacement services since 2005 based on a number of key elements: selection of replacement pharmacists and PTA for the team, courteous customer service, a quick and effective matching tool, and turnkey replacement services.

Selection of replacement for the team

Would you hire someone without meeting them first? Neither would we. In-depth interviews ensure that we build a team of professional, dynamic and conscientious individuals, handpicked on a candidate-by-candidate basis.

All candidates are asked a full range of questions to determine if they have that special something extra that’s makes all the difference.

Because being a replacement is not for everyone. There are excellent pharmacists and PTA, and then there are excellent replacement pharmacists and PTA. The critical thing is to be able to tell them apart.

Check out our Replacement pharmacists and PTA section to find out what that special something extra includes.

Client service

Our company is built on client service. Our one and only goal is client and replacement service satisfaction. Matching owners and replacements is just the beginning because there is so much more at stake.

Our team keeps a close eye on managing all replacement requests and mandates. We contact you to confirm that the replacement will show up at the scheduled time, to check if you are satisfied and to find out if you want to work with that replacement again. We’re available 24 hours a day 7 days a week… and we will never let you down.

The The Shedule matching tool

Our proprietary The Shedule scheduling app is designed to make everything a snap for you. With The Shedule you can manage, consult, assign and confirm all your mandates in a few clicks. It takes just 3 minutes to set up your account. And once your account has been approved, you’ll get instant access to all our replacement availabilities in real time… any time!

Full administrative management

We understand that managing a pharmacy means being in many places at the same time while dealing with a seemingly endless stream of details. Which is why we handle everything for you when it comes to replacements: everything from reserving accommodations to paying our replacement staff.


From 88$/h for the pharmacists and from 23,98$/h for the PTA: more details

Because taxation authorities do not recognize self-employed pharmacists, Excel Pharma’s replacement pharmacists are all salaried employees… an important detail that protects clients and replacement staff from potentially heavy tax liabilities. Our PTA are also salaried employees.